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Choosing a surgeon

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Ok, so I’m new to this. I’ve been wanting a boob job for over 10 years but we have finally completed our family with child number 4 in October last year. So the husband and I have been talking and I look set to get new boobs at the end of this year, I’m so excited!!! So I’d just like to know how did everyone choose their surgeon? Or did you have consultations with a few before you decided? We are in Brisbane so I think having so many to choose from is making it difficult to narrow down. 

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I would seccond that get at least 3 opinions from 3 different plastic surgeons that way you'll have an idea of what type of implant,  placement ect will be best for your anatomy and your end goal. Plus is also a good way for all the information to sink in as at your first consult your head will swim with all the information given to you but by the third your going to know a lot of the terms used and the pros and risks ect. ? 

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