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Overwhelmed with options

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ive been researching getting breast augmentation and am completely overwhelmed with the information. I am not sure about getting it in Aus vs. overseas (Thailand/Malaysia) but think a plastic surgeon would be preferable to a cosmetic surgeon. 

I’ve heard good things from a friend who went through International Aesthetic with Dr Joel Union. Have also read good things about PPSI - Dr Piyapas. For all the good reviews though I am also finding negatives of them all. Plus I’m sure there are plenty of fantastic surgeons. But it’s very hard to know how to filter my research with such an abundance of info and so little knowledge!

I am based in Melbourne and finding most of the coordinators for getaway holidays are in Perth or Gold Coast? 

I get confused over all the different implant types/shapes/incision locations etc and joined this forum to see if anyone out there has some info that will help a newbie like me!

thanks for reading,



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Hey Emma -  it can be daunting and hard to decide. Why are you looking at Thailand/Malaysia? Is it to save money or for a holiday? If you think it's a holiday, it's not, it is major surgery and you won't be able to swim in your hotel pool after surgery due to the incisions and potential bacterial infection, plus you need to rest and recuperate post surgery. If it is to save money, then you may not need to as many Australian plastic surgeons are now quite affordable. Also, if you have your surgery here in Australia your surgeon is close by if anything goes awry and you need any follow up. If anything goes wrong with your overseas surgery and you need follow up here it is not covered by health insurance and the surgeon will just remove the implants. Useful information I think when you are trying to make a decision.

In terms of size, style and placement it all depends on what you are aiming for and what is feasible for your body size/shape and anatomy. It is best for you to have a couple of consultations with reputable plastic surgeons (they have the qualifications and skills that a cosmetic surgeon does not) and talk with them about what you would like to achieve. They will measure your breast width dimension and that determines size and width of implant. Plus they can discuss with you the pros and cons of rounds vs anatomicals (tear drop) and over the muscle or partial unders.

Take photos to the consultation of what types of breasts you like, but be realistic as to possible outcome - they are surgeons not magicians :) Good luck with your decision and we are here to help you and support you in this journey xo

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Hi Emma and welcome. I couldn't have said it better myself,  @sabP has said it so well, if it is a price thing and for a lot of us it is but ask yourself this if you had surgery over seas and somthing were to go wrong could you afford the trip back to see the surgeon and the time off work as you will be required to stay for at least a week to check on incisions ect ,plus price of accommodation and spending money. 

I was in that place as well as money and budget was up there on my list and after doing the math for me spending the extra  $1,500 to stay in my home town with a reputable surgeon only an hours drive away and having family n friends to help with the first 2 weeks of recovery it was a no brainer. Like SabP said  ith all these cosmetic company's doing surgery holidays the price of breast Augmentation has come down quite a bit and there are lots of great surgeon's in Melbourne,  maybe go for a consult to see what is reccomended and get a quote ad some quots will be valid for around a year which should give you the time to save. 

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I agree with the ^^. Great advice there. What I did initially before I went to any consults was to trawl through the internet and have a look at ladies who have had BA's done. For me personally, I found the natural look was really important to me. I knew in my mind I wanted to end up as a C cup (I started out as a 10AA cup). Then over a period of 6 years, I went to consults with 3 different surgeons - 2 were plastic surgeons and 1 was a cosmetic surgeon). They all gave me insight as to what was best for me and gave me lots of food for thought. I did end up going with the cosmetic surgeon but I was a straight forward case (I didn't have tuberous breasts or needed a lift etc). This surgeon was highly regarded in the industry but he has now retired. If I were to ever do a revision I would go with a plastic surgeon to help close my natural gap a little. My advice is to keep researching.....have a few consults (yes you do have to pay for those)……try on sizers....and don't rush into this major decision. It is your body and you will be investing lots of $$ into it, so you want to get it right. Good luck with it all. :)

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I agree with the other women, they pretty much said it all. ☺️

Take your time in researching, there’s a lot of information to take in. Once you’ve done your extensive research, it becomes much easier to understand it all. ? 

Personally I would opt to have surgery in Australia. It’s major surgery and it’s reassuring to know your surgeon is nearby if you have any concerns or problems in future. 


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Highly recommend staying in Australia to get it done, as the above lovely ladies said. These days the surgery in Australia with a reputable plastic surgeon doesn't cost the earth, and realistically for the small amount of extra you may pay, the benefit of having your surgeon close by in case something happened or there were complications is absolutely invaluable.

There's lots of very well reviewed and talented surgeons here in Melbourne/Victoria. If you do a little search in this forum you will find countless threads for Melbourne/Vic surgeons and many glowing reviews.

With size and shape options, I felt the same as you - overwhelmed by choice and what will be best for me. It's great to do your own research, but I found the thing that helped me the most was actually booking that first consultation for my surgeon. I told him exactly the type of size and shape of breasts I wanted, and he recommended based on his vast experience. He actually recommended the complete opposite shape I was thinking, and a much bigger size!

In the end, I'm so so grateful that I went with his recommendation, because he gave me EXACTLY what I asked for. So I guess my advice is to maybe focus on plastic surgeons and when you find one you like the results for, go see them. Tell them the result you want and listen carefully to their recommendations and reasonings behind them. Consults are no pressure and no obligation, so you can go home afterward and do the research on their recommendations and see if they're right for you.


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