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Facial surgery in Thailand

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Hey everyone, I'm calling on anyone who has had facial surgery in Thailand to please share their story with me. I very much want an endoscopic brow lift and upper blephroplasty but it's so so difficult to find any info on overseas facial surgery. Meanwhile it seems like every gal and her grandma are jet-setting off to Thailand for a new pair of boobs! I initially wanted the procedures done by Dr Montien as I was happy with the job he did on my nose a while ago but he informed me this isn't his area of expertise. He recommended Dr Seree or Dr Nond instead. I've been put off Dr Seree after reading some bad reviews but I'm still considering Dr Nond. I have heard some bad things about him also but it seems this may have stemmed from a smear campaign by one disgruntled patient...It's just such a major decision but I really do want this done. I just wish there was more information out there.

If you have anything to share PLEASE do so! Thanks guys and gals :)

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Have had facial surgery with Dr Montein . he does the Smas facelift . Dr Montein does do a good Facelift  and under neck muscle tighting . Dr Montein only does one surgery per day .Would highly recommend  Him .We Went independant by ourselves  and had the surgery done at Bumrungrad Hospital.

If you are considering going through Cosmeditour as an agent they are great if you don,t have any problems . 

Had an armlift through Cosmeditour as an agent everything was organised very well .

Dr Montein also said an armlift is not his expertise which was very sad to hear so I trusted Cosmeditour and went through them and went with Dr Porthep who they said is a great surgeon I was very dissapointed in the results . Asked for a consult with Dr Pornthep and also offered to payas am calling in to Bangkok in October .Dr Pornthep had an 9 hr operation before mine maybe he was a little tired if this was the case why they did not pospone  the operation untill the nexy day

I will be looking at revision surgery but once you say anything to Cosmeditour they don,t want to deal with you . 

Have tried to go through the World Medical Centre where the operation took place but Dr Pornthep and Cosmeditour just ignore you they have been very rude .

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Yes Dr Montein is such a great surgeon and I so want him to do my next surgery but if he doesn't feel comfortable working outside his area of expertise then I will have to trust his judgement. It sucks because I really want this done but it isn't going to happen if I can't find a surgeon that I trust completely.

Sorry to hear about your disappointing arm lift outcome Barbara. It's a real shame Cosmeditour aren't more helpful when there are issues...I have heard the same complaint from others also. I hope you can resolve it with an outcome you are happy with.

Tracey, your facelift looks absolutely amazing! You must be so happy with it. Dr Montein is truly an artist.

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