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Dr Tony Connell in Perth

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Hi @Bettyboo15

i still haven’t found any info on him or photos of his work. I’m off for my consult later this month, so I’ll let you know how I go. I chose to see him as my gp recommended him. I also went for a consult with dr mark lee and one other surgeon... but I’ll see how I go with dr Connell and choose between dr Lee and dr Connell after. Have you booked any consults in? 

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Hey @cantwait

I’ve had my consult and he is such a gentle spoken doctor. I felt instantly comfortable with him. Im booked in on the 13th December. Will meet with him in a couple of weeks to finalise it all. 

I know someone that has used Dr lee and she had a good experience. I did enquire about him but he was more expensive? 

Hope your consult goes well. 


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Hi @cantwait 

i went on a cancellation list as I want it done just before Christmas so my partner can help with the kids while he is on leave. 

But once you have decided to go ahead you won't need to wait long.

it works around $12500. Did you get the quote in the mail? 

What size are you getting? 

I have my pre op apt tomorrow super nervous and I'm constantly questioning myself if I should get it done. ?

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dont question yourself. You will love them once they are in. I already have implants, I need them redone since having my kids, I developed capsular contracture in my right breast during my first pregnancy... but I am definitely getting them put back in, rather than going back to an “a” cup. My implants now are 295cc round smooth implants, but I think I might go the anatomical this time around. Though I’m a bit worried about the textured implant with all the warnings on them. Have to talk to Dr Connell about it and go from there. 

Eeeekkk good luck with your pre-op tomorrow. Awesome idea to go on the wait list for a date over Xmas so your hubby is home. When I had them done I couldn’t even turn a door handle... but was fine a week after the op. I did have mine placed through the armpit though, so recovery maybe different. Having your hubby home will be a life saver. Don’t know what I am going to do when he time comes. I have a 4 month old that constantly needs carrying ? and my hubby has his own company, so can’t really take anytime off work. 

Let me know how everything goes tomorrow. Good luck. You will love them!! 

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