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I had my boob job done a year and half ago and in the last few days my left breast has changed dramatically. The shape feels and looks different. It’s not painfully but is slight uncomfortable maybe just because I’m aware of it. I’ll attach photos if any one could give me advise if they thinks it’s rotation or cc. I have sent these to my dr aswell but am still waiting to hear back. 



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My boobs look exactly the same and i can feel lik a dull pressure behind the nipple (not painful but its the only way i can describe it ) ,  do you have that kind of feeling also . My left breast sits slight laterally bit like yours in the pic and I've had that from about 5 wks po , i think my implant was inserted crooked or has slightly rotated but going bact to see my surgeon is a different story so have just lived with it forthe last 13 months , but iwould say if they are anatomical then it may have rotated slightly,  definitely check in with your ps hun and let us know how you go. 

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