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Great Service Apartment in Brisbane!!


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Hello everybody,

We have found a great service apartment, with reasonal price, clean, safe and only 10mins drive to Dr.H's clinic in Spring Hill in Brisbane. My partner thinks I should broadcast it to my tities club. :rolleyes:

Drum roll....drrr.....drr.......!!! Meriton Apartment at Adeliade Street!! http://www.meritonapartments.com.au/brisbane/

If we stayed in Brisbane for 51 days, it will cost us 9,800 for an one bedroom apartment and this is not a flat rate yet as long as you stay more than 28 days, you will have even lower rate than the one in their website.

A good alternative options than the hotel, hope this will help!!!

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I had a motel unit as my very first IP. It was cheap and suited me as I was working away a lot and it put $50 a month into my pocket. At the end of the 5 year lease there was a clause that if the operator could show he wasn't making any money the rent he paid could revert back to the level it was 5 years before.

This is what happened and so overnight I went to losing $50 a month. I sold for a profit, but only as people were accepting lower yields. Now I prefer property I can tinker with to improve the return.

There is another 5 year option and then the owners can take it back, which should see the values rise, but I would be wary about taking on another one.

What I learnt was to read the contract VERY carefully.


fencing contractor

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Unsure on cost per night but I live in the istay rivercity apartments on Albert st. Very popular with tourists as in a prime location near the mall. Subway is downstairs which is awesome :) 24 hour kebab store is evil lol. Can't beat location! I'm looking forward to being able to able to get anything I need as so much nearby. Coles is 2 blocks :) botanic gardens one block away which is lovely :) not advertising but love living here :D

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