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7 week mark post op


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Hello All

Just thought id let you all know im at week 7 now, I had a Full Breast Lift and excess skin removal after losing 47 kilos.

I wanted breast implants but couldnt afford them so just got the full lift...results are AMAZING.

I cannot stop staring at them in the mirror!! I have hardly any scars at all...you can barely see them, they are perfectly perky and look amazing, the only negative is they are flat at the top, and the surgeon told me that a lift wont change the shape of my breasts, i needed implants to do that, so i understand the only way i could have a full cup on top part of my breasts was from implants.

But i cant complain, i have been pain free since day one. hardly any scaring and they are perky.

I will post pics..i live alone so i cant take any myself, ive tried its just not from right angle, but surgeon took pics of me the morning of my surgery and im seeing him at the 12 week mark and will get pictures taken then too so at week 12 ill post pics!!

I also got a TT done at the same time....im happy but its not as flat and perfect as what i expected...but i think i had unrealsitic expectations...I have excess skin still on the higher part of my stomache....and it looks odd as lower half is flat and taut...Surgeon said he didnt touch that as it meant id have a big vertical scar going all the way down and right now i just have a scar hidden if wearing underpants...so that all makes sense, just disspaointing as exercise and diet wont help with excess skin...i know it helps to a certain level but when you have lost 47 kilos not much helps but surgery....

anyway ill post those pics too as when you see before and after there is a massive WOW factor..i just need to stop comparing myself to a 19 year old swimwear model!!!! :)

I hope you are all well and looking forwrad to the surgery, the anticipation is far worse than the recovery so just get that date booked in! you will feel so amazing afterwards, its the best decision i ever made.


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Congrats FullCircle!

Sounds like you've had a brilliant recovery - such a lot to go through. You must feel like a brand new woman :)

Love, love, love the part where you say the anticipation is worse than the recovery - so nice for us pre-op girls to hear!

Looking forward to your pics xx

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Hi There, thank you....i didnt have implants but i swear there was no pain at all for breast lift, just felt very tender and bruised.

There was pain and discomfort from the TT though, I cannot lie...but its worth it :)

Definetly take in extra bras with you to hospital, i was told to bring in one bra and on day one it was covered in yukky stuff...nurses took it off and said have you got another one? Lucky i had another one in my hospital bag! a lot of 'stuff' oozes out plus there is antibacterial type cream etc so dont spend money on any nice bras or anything, just use old bras or buy cheap comfortable soft ones from target.

Yay its so exciting and its the best decision i ever made so you ladies wont regret it i promise!

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Hi FullCircle! Glad you are happy ( for the most part!) I just had a lift, no implants, and I'm very happy with the shape too, I think if you have a bit of boob, just a lift looks great!

Wonder why he left the skin at the top? I had work above my belly button ( muscles stitched back together from under my boobs, it was all done from inside with no vertical scar? I suppose id have to see pics to get what you mean?

I've taken most of my pics myself, it's easy even in the bathroom mirror( bathrooms usually have good light) just stand up on a chair and take a pic of your mirror reflection if you want some pics to post.. Have a look at my pics you will see I've taken almost all of them myself!

So glad all is going well :)

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Congrats!!! Sounds like you have a pain free recovery as I heard, Breast lift can be quite painful.

For the bit of excess skin on your upper stomach, why don't you look into laser to tightern that bit off? Or acupuncture??

It is not easy to loose 47kg, you have done a great job, my dear! By the way, how you did that? Mine at home is desperate to loose weight. hahahaa!!

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Congrats full circle its good to know that you are pleased with your results and have no regrets! I remember I saw a surgeon and he was telling me about a lady that he did a TT for after weight loss that was not satisfied with her result because of the skin left in the upper region. He only told me this because he wanted to make it clear to me you have to have realistic expectations amd a TT or any cosmetic surgery isnt going to make you perfect its just

Going to improve what you already have! ANyways the reason why the lady still had skin was because a TT only covers the part of your stomach below your belly button and if you want the top part done then you'll need a body lift. So realistically it sounds like your ps has done a fantastic result :) can't wait to see some pics! Oh and I noticed you were from Melbourne who was your ps?

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