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Im New and would like to say HI!


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Hi, Ive just joined yesterday and would like to shout out a big hello! I have an appointment with Dr harwood on oct 17 for my first consult.. Really looking forward to my new boobs.. :)

ive been researching the threads and am just amazed at the information i have gathered, thank you ladies, it is nerve calming just to know what is expected. Im also looking forward to meeting Dr H after reading your threads also, he sounds like a lovely man (thank goodness)..

im 32, mum of 3, breastfed 2 of those darlings that left me with a deflated 12B. 170cm tall, 63kg (and losing some hopefully).. I would love to be a nice D afterwards so crossing those fingers.

any advice would be lovely! c you all on here! :D

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Hello link01 :)

Welcome to the forums! I agree the ladies on here have been the best and you will find so much information! How exciting for your first consult ! My op is in Thailand so I'm doing my consult and op all in one day:) I can't wait, hoping for some nice D's too :)

Im getting mine done on the 6th oct so a few weeks before you, I'm excited for you that you don't have to wait too long! I feel like I have been waiting forever (can't remember when I booked but I think it was march or april lol)

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Hi link01 you will find these forums very addictive (well I have lol) Alot of girls on here have used dr harwood all the pics of his work look unreal fingers crossed mine turn out as good going with a different doctor lol. I get my op on the 2nd of oct so I'll be all sore and done when ur going for your consult lol but I look forward to hearing about ur story welcome to the friendly helpful chat forums

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Welcome to the forum, link01!! Agreed with Billychic, the forum is very addictive, I am literally on the computer reading the posts and thread here. So careful, girl!! Haha!

I am going to go with Dr.H too. At first, I am going with a very good ps in Sydney since I like Sydney a lot, after reading the many many good reviews about Dr.H, I have changed my mind.

You will be a good hand, so don't worry. You will be alright. Unfortunately, I have not done my surgery yet, can't share too much with you about my experience but there a re a lot of Dr.H girls here. I have seen a number of after pictures from Dr.H client, they are awesome!!

Good luck with your BA journey and enjoy your time here!!!

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Welcome Link01!

I'm having surgery with Dr H on Thursday!! :D He's great.

Look forward to following your journey xx

Hi JenJen,

Good luck with your coming surgery. I am sure everything will go well since you are in good hand with Dr.H!!

Please keep us posted, okay? ALL THE BEST!!

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