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Capsular Contracture - 9 months post op - surgery booked 22nd October


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So I had my BA last year -24th October...had 385cc Allergan round textured under the muscle. All went so well, recovery was uneventful, scars healed perfectly, dropped and fluffed nicely. I was so happy with my result. Then in July I had a bit of sharp shooting pains in my lefty and started to notice it was changing shape and he gotten higher and slightly firmer. Emailed my surgeon (sent some photos) had a consult at the end of August and am now booked in to have implants removed and replaced on 22nd October. Kinda funny actually - my best friend is booked in on the same day to have her BA (I sent her to Dr.Stradwick and she has been booked in for a few months now) and its 1 year since my initial BA.

I am with HCF so I've been told surgery will not cost me anything - Only excess which is $450 but it's a day procedure so probably won't even have to pay that. Which is a relief! I have a consult on the 16th to choose size and implant type. I'm not sure whether to go with the brazilians this time round or not...can anyone vouch for them, how do they look feel in comparison to the cohesive gel type? All these decisions all over again....think I will go up a size or two though. Booby greed is terrible lol.

Don't know what to tell people. Dr Stradwick said that although they are unsure what the cause of CCis they do believe it to be from biofilm - so basically an infection. I had antibiotics after my BA and I didn't feel like I had anything going on in there. But it can occur after....that's scary. I think I am leaning more towards brazilians, would hate to go through this again...I'm just not sure what to do.

Any advice/info would be really appreciated. Would love to hear from anyone else who has had to have a capsulectomy and what implants you went with.



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Sorry to hear your having to go thru this again... we have just had a number of post on here aout ladies getting CC with testured implants. CC is a huge conern for me and I have smooths, I guess I worry that all these ladies with textured getting CC there isn't much hope for those of us with smooths....

Loads of ladies on here Rave about Braz Implants, Im sure thy will be able to fill you in. Goodluck

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So sorry to hear Anya :( there seems to be quite a few cases of CC popping up lately!

I am getting my first BA with Brazilians at the beginning of October. The Brazilians seem to be becoming more and more popular - They are more firm that other silicone implants to begin with but soften up within 6-12 months and are the same as any other smooth cohesive gel implant apparently. this is because brazilian implants are basically just a smooth implant with a furry covering over it. the covering allows the scar tissue to form in a way that means it is very very unlikely to form a lattice which can contract (causing CC). After this process you are just left with a normal silicone implant (its much more technical than this! haha).

While they can take up to 12months to soften they do start to soften from 1-2 weeks and some of the post-op girls have 'squishy' photos a 2 -4 months showing how soft theirs have become so its not like you will have rock hard boobs for a year! the most important thing with brazilians is to get a surgeon who is experienced in using them, as their placement is more complicated and they stay where they are placed!!

Hope this helps a little. Good luck, and maybe you can head over to the October thread :)


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