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How far ahead did you book your surgery? TT Bumrungrad

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I'm planning on having a TT at Bumrungrad in either April or May next year, I have three surgeons that I think sound good, Suttisun, Nond and Charan. Just from reading through their specialties and training on the Bumrungrad website.

I just had my last child 5 weeks ago, and think that I can lose the weight by then so I wont need lipo. My abdo muscles never knitted back together so I need a TT to get the muscles back together and remove all the saggy skin.

I'm not going through a company as my sister and parents are all coming to Thailand at the same time. I'm organizing everything myself.

I've sent a first inquiry email to them, asking about requesting particular surgeons etc. But if those surgeons are in particular demand, should I book in with him now, for April? cos I'd be really shattered to wait till, say, January, and find out he's fully booked.

How did you go about booking your surgery if you did it yourself? Did you request a surgeon and did you get him/her? How far in advance did you book?

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Congratulations on choosing to book everything yourself. Great move!

If you think you're travel month is confirmed, then go ahead and book your surgery. Mine was only 2-months in advance but I know of people who've booked almost a year in advance.

I didn't book my own surgery so I can't help you with that.

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Hi carolyn,

If you have a date in mind and need to have your surgery during this time, I would book your surgery now, even if you have to postpone you wont be charged any money or anything so why not?

ive booked mine back in April for December.... so almost 8 months in advance, I have booked everything myslef and it has been super easy, I did get in touch with third party but realised how easy and quicker to do it yourself... totally up to you,

while booking I explained my itineary and the hospital booked all procedures (will have 2 surgeries +lasik) around what day/time suit me best!

Book it now!!!! ;-)

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