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Overs vs unders

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more natural movement of breasts (bounce/swing)

will get more size from overs

will feel softer and more natural

less painful and quicker recovery


if insufficient natural breast tissue then edges of the implant may show - more applicable with anatomicals and not really an issue with rounds


pros: ladies with very little natural breast tissue can have their implants placed under the muscle - edging of implant wont show.

less interference with mammograms

cons: more painful and longer recovery

movements of the pectoral muscles (eg in exercising) will cause boobs to move

will lose a bit of size (will look smaller than overs with the same implant)

usually not as soft

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Hi Rose

This is my understanding and I'm sure others can expand on it...

Over the muscle....less painful, quicker recovery time, no loss in size of implant. Increased risk of CC, rippling and edges of implant may show (depending on existing breast tissue). Suggestions they may drop quicker.

Under the muscle....CAN look more natural. Longer and more painful recovery as the muscle is cut. Possible distortion when the muscle is used. Up to 20% decrease in implant size (but not normally this much). Suggested lower risk of CC and rippling. Would be hard to see the implant edge.

As a side note, some surgeons will prefer one placement to another. Your existing breast tissue may well dictate what placement you have to have.

Hope this helps :)

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Thanks blonde! Yes and I heard its also better if you are wanting to breastfeed in the future..

I don't believe that's correct. Breastfeeding is in no way imparied - whether over- or under- implants are done.

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my surgeon said the only way breastfeeding is unable to happen after surgery is going through the nipple incision as it cuts all the necessary parts to breastfeed.

im going overs witha 3rd grade dual plane so i get a nice defined cleavage and the top still have a softer look with no edge of the implant at the top.

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