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Been laying low hope all ladies post op are recovering well and those about to have surgeries Yay!,,, have a couple more weeks to go and I can start wearing u/wire yay! Had my birthday last week not so yay a year older :( 37 yrs however I have my 20 year old boobs back so I'm happy :) the twins are nice and squishy, soft and feel very much a part of me now still lots of side boob which I like and I don't think they are going to change much more all the dropping and fluffing done and size has not really changed....I could be wrong maybe there are more changes to come ...... Weirdest thing is when I run I've noticed in my head I hear a swishing noise lol I didn't wear a very supportive bra on my last run and it was gross swish swish swish is the noise I describe that I felt my boobs made lol.... I did get some BNT vouchers for my bday so I splurged and got some lovely analise bras and some ultra supportive running bras ;) ill post pics soon. I also got measured as 10dd in the Bnt range 12d s are a lil big in the back but good cup size so they recommended 10dd ....mind you the strapless bras are so hard to find 10dd too small in them cups, 12d are also tight .. so I'm yet to find a good strapless :( if anyone has any recommendations ...

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