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My Journey :)

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Breast Augmentation - Fortnight post op with Dr Dona and I so excited to share my experience.

After 2 other consultations (Dr Piyapas & Dr Tavakoli), I decided to proceed with Dr Dona. I found Dr Dona to be honest and understanding. Taking on board what I had in mind and making suggestions that would improve that result, he made me feel very comfortable with what the end result would look like. His before and after gallery also helped in making my decision to select him.

I had two consultations pre surgery. The first was going over general information such as size, shape, recovery time etc and the second was 3 weeks prior to surgery to confirm the details from the previous consultation. Any/all consultations after the initial consultation is at no extra cost.

The Hospital called the day before surgery to confirm arrival time (8.30am) and they also advised that I was not to eat or drink anything after 12pm (also mentioned in information booklet provided at consultation).

On arrival at the hospital I was asked to fill out some forms which took all of 5 mins before I was being whisked into changing rooms to get into my hospital gown. I had actually thought that I would be waiting around for some time before I would be going through so I was little surprised when I had to say bye to my loved ones so soon but the nurse was nice enough to give me 5 mins to gets some hugs and kisses and shed a couple or nerve tears. After changing I walked through to the waiting area which had recliners and tv and magazines. Thankfully I didn’t have too much time to lounge around as after a couple of minutes I had a nurse checking my blood pressure and asking general questions in relation to allergies etc. Be prepared to go over these details a couple of times as on returning to the waiting area I was visited by the Anathesiast and then the Assistant Anathesiast who again asked me the same question but also explained what their role was. I was in the waiting area for around 15 minutes before Dr Dona took me away for drawing. After confirming that everything was good to go I was led into the operation room and hooked up to the anesthetic. I remember the Assistant Anathesiast holding my hands as I went under.

When I was woken by the nurses, which felt like 2 mins later, I felt a little tight but nothing close to what I imagined I would be feeling like. After a couple of minutes of coming too, I asked for some pain relief and was given some morphine. I was helped out of bed and led back to the waiting area where I was given some and biscuits and at which time my sister was allowed in to see me. I was in the waiting area for around half an hour after which the nurse said that If I felt up to it, I was okay to leave. My sister helped dress me, drove me home and put me to bed. I was woken and helped out of bed a couple of times but otherwise slept like a baby.

The next day I woke feeling pretty much the same but as the aesthetic started wearing off towards the evening I was starting to wish I hadn’t gone through with the surgery. I was feeling very tight and sore but this was instantly relieved with pain medication. Day 3 was the same but on day 4 I was feeling much better, stopped taking the pain medication and actually drove to the corner shop though I wouldn’t advise anyone to do this so early,, although it is doable, you would be surprised at how much chest muscle you use to drive. From day 5 onwards I was amazed at how substantial the recovery was from day to day as I was soon doing every as normal, just taking it slow and steady and not lifting anything heavy. It was still a little painful to sleep laying down until around day 10 so I was sleeping sitting up with 4 pillows and a neck pillow. Day 10 was also when I was back to work.

My suggestion would be to prepare yourself for an emotional journey. Although I’m feeling on top of the world now and loving my new girls, there were times when I questioned myself but this was only due to discomfort which was helped with pain relief and also after surgery when I was all swollen and looking like I had mono-boobs. I don’t want to scare any ladies thinking of having this procedure and please don’t confuse discomfort with pain because I honestly can’t say I was ever really in pain just a little uncomfortable from not being able to sit/sleep a certain way and feeling like I had balls in my chest.

My entire experience was amazing and I’m so happy that I went through with the procedure. It has only been 2 weeks but they are shaping together very nicely and I can’t wait to go bra shopping. My experience was also helped by the lovely staff at Dr Dona’s office and those at Kingsgrove Day Hospital. They were all helpful in answering all questions, even the silly ones and made the whole procedure a lot less nerve racking.

I’m pretty sure that this one of the longest posts in history but i wanted to cover everything in case there is others like me who like to know all the ins and outs :)

Thank you to all that have posted their experiences on here. You had truly helped me with a lot of my questions and making my decision to go ahead easier.


Just a little note to anyone worrying about cc’s – DON’T! cc’s is something determined by your surgeon and is a mixture of volume and circumference of the implant. I went in wanting 390cc and ended up with 460cc as my surgeon said that I had a larger base to cover. We all have different shapes and what looks good on someone else might not necessarily look the same on you. Take in a couple of photo’s instead.

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Sounds like an overall good experience. Thanks for touching on the emotional side of it. I think it's something that isn't really focused on when we are all excited about the end result :)

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