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How long did your PS recommend a post op compression bra?

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Good luck @Glissm

My recovery  feels so s l o w ?

My body is struggling with nausea and stiffness. Pain bit better today but have just decided to tolerate the pain as the endone makes me feel ? even when it’s at 2.5mg!


my post op review is Friday- I’m day 7 Po today. Will see what surgeon says about the compression bra. Honestly don’t want to be wearing it for 3 months ? but guess I will if that’s what he says!

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They are charging me $200 for my compression bra so I figure I will want to wear it for three months straight to get my money’s worth!!


oh - I got ahead of myself @Glissm lol good luck for tomorrow. My surgery is three weeks tomorrow - just want to fast forward to when I’m all healed and back at the gym!!

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20 hours ago, margaretriver said:

Reading the forums, some varied advice which is interesting to me. I’ve read from 6 weeks to 3 months!


we all obviously want the best result- I wonder which is the best time frame??

Hey @margaretriver I was advised 6 weeks 24/7, then I could move to regular bras including underwire. That worked perfectly for me and 6 weeks was enough!! However, if your surgeon suggests otherwise, it's best to always follow their instructions. I still wear a crop bra to sleep most nights, kinda like the security for my girls... now and again I let them 'free range' hahahahah :D:D

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Hi i had tp purchase my own po compression bra and was instructed to wear it for 24/7 for 6 weeks and only allowed to take it off to shower,  at first with all the swelling it was a little uncomfortable but as the swelling went down it got more comfortable to wear and for a short while afterwards i would still wear it to bed now i just wear a soft crop top to bed as a bit of light support for my girls but every now n then let them run free ?. I would definitely follow your surgeon's post op rules as how long to wear your po bra 

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