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Compression Strap!!!!

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I’m 12 days post op..... Just seen my PS.... he’s a bit concerned with my right side..... my left has dropped and is looking really nice but the right is still so high. He said my ribs are slightly asymmetrical and so he may have stitched slightly higher internally on the right.....  and my left had more loose skin pre op.... so it seemed to have dropped quicker..... but now I have to wear a compression strap for the next 4 weeks (as well as my bra!) to try and get the right to drop. He reassured me he will get them perfect but now I’m worried that if the strap doesn’t help it drop then what’s next!?!? Another surgery!?!? 


i know they drop and fluff and different times but this is quite a big difference.... and funny I only noticed this morning.... I swear my left dropped last night!!! I would have thought my right would drop quicker seeing as I’m right handed! 


He said I just need to wait it out and it should correct but probably around the 3 month mark. 


Has as anyone had this before or heard any success stories! Slightly freaking out! 

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12 hours ago, I HaveBoobs said:

I've heard of many girls having to wear the strap and it did help you just have to give it time but yes if it dos'nt work then it may mean another surgery to release the pocket,  keeping my fingers crossed that the strap helps. 

Thanks for ur input... gives me hope!!


PS showed me a video of me on the operating table and they looked absolutely perfect.... symmetrical and perfect....  hoping because they looked perfect on table immediately post op they will drop into place! Just hard to be so patient!!! 

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