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Hey girls, 

I will need a breast revision due to a rupture in my right breast implant

I had Nagar implants 360 cc high profile done at TCI which doesn't exist anymore,  in May 2013.

I'm wondering if anyone has had a rupture or problems with Nagar implants, I do have a warranty on the implant, but the next time around,  i want the best chance of it lasting and I didn't think I need a revision before the ten year mark.

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Hi there,

As a TCI patient you would have had Nagor Impleo implants which are much better than the Nagor GFX implants I had. 
Donatella and I both had these implants and both had ruptures. My rupture was a gel bleed which caused very uncomfortable inflammation. I asked to keep the implants after explant and the side that was inflamed had air bubbles inside the implant and it burst in my hand when I gave it a soft squeeze. 

My preference for implants now is Mentor CPG anatomical as they have a very proven track record and long history so the longer term complications are well researched. Id also consider Motiva implants but I have some hesitation because they are new.

I never claimed anything back from Nagor re my implant rupture but i had mine removed before the medicare changes so my private health insurance covered 100% of the cost

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