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Hi Ladies,

I have been doing my research through this site and the internet for  BA Surgeons. I really like Dr Dona and Dr Miroshnik. 

I'm currently 12A, 159cm, 60kg (a little chubby); looking at achieving a  DD look,  so from what I read on here I'll need to be an E cup. (?) Thinking about 390cc - 480cc with a semi natural look (I just want sexy/fat/voluptuous boobies 😂), but I'm worried about sagging too much. 

Just wondering if any ladies who've been to Dr Dona would be willing to share their before and after pics/stats so that I can start trying to figure out exactly what I want from him???

Also..... Doe's Dr Dona work with interstate patients???


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Hey! I haven't been to Dr Donna but I know that a number of girls on here have and he isn't afraid to go large if that's the look you're after! I've only heard good things about him but unfortunately, can't speak from experience! His before and afters look great and he's also reasonably priced. I can't see why he wouldn't want to work with interstate patients! It's just a matter of you getting yourself there and staying long enough for follow-up. I don't know if he'd require you to come back at 5 or 6 weeks? Maybe that's something one of the other girls can help you with. :) All the best! 

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