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Brazilian teardrop? Pictures please......anyone... Need decision by Monday!

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Hi all,

I am off for a bl and ba on February 6th. My surgeon has suggested teardrop Brazilian 250cc when I go for my surgery. I'm really not sure about the teardrop or the size he's recommended but im extremly happy with the surgeon and trust he knows what hes talking about. I'm just really nervous of getting the wrong boobs :) expensive mistake! Currently I'm a deflated droppy 12DD, and aim to be the same or slight bigger but nice and full ie round on top and not sure if I'm going to get the desired effect from these implants. Any friend requests with pictures and advice would really help please! Also if in doubt....should I go bigger?

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Hi hun I'm in same before boat as you. 10E saggy now getting lift and Brazil teardrop on wed over the muscle. I have seen some great pics but mainly getting teardrop for a perky but natural look. I think the size you are getting suits what u want I'm going bigger again as was a H cup before loosing weight. Areyou thinking textured over or under? From what my surgeon was saying when having more breast tissue to strategic with it covers the implant well and seems to suit those having lifts more too.

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I'd love to see some pics too. I too am looking at teardrop brazilians, under muscle, low profile. I'm a small d at the moment but since breastfeeding I've lost the shape above my nipple. I want the most natural look possible, I'd love to see some before and after pics. Such a big decision, I'm very nervous.

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