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Em's Story - Dr Harwood BA

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Since it was a month PO last week, I thought it was about time I posted my story :)

When I was growing up I always thought that my body would grow and change just like my mums, her sisters and my friends at school. It was when I was in primary school and seeing how my friend’s breasts changed and grew that I began to wonder and worry when my own breasts would start developing. To fit in, I got mum to buy me crop tops or training like bras to wear even though I had nothing to fill them with but I knew I just wanted to be normal. Soon the boys began to notice my friends developing whilst I still remained flat.

As I progressed in to high school, I was able to change other things like the colour of my hair; I got braces to fix crooked teeth but nothing could help my flat chest. I was so desperate to fit in and look as normal as I could that I would wear two bras to school, with one being more padded then the other. I became careful who got next to me and changed out of sight of friends when I went on a sleepover. It came to the point that I would hardly go to a friend’s place because I wanted breasts and be a normal girl.

I would get teased and nasty text messages about me being a stick and having nothing would be sent to my phone that I grew depressed and overcome with anxiety that I was different. I found it difficult to have a boyfriend due to this as I made myself believe that no boy would like me for me. I got told I was pretty and thin and you would think that would be enough to make me happy but I did not feel complete and every time I looked into the mirror, I saw that incompleteness. So I stopped looking in the mirror.

When I discovered wonderful padding push up bras at 'Bras N Things' I was happier as I finally had the chance and opportunity to sort of know what it felt like to have breasts. But when the bra came off, I was still flat chested and it still did not help me go into a relationship, especially if the guy I liked thought I had something only to find out after a few moments that I in fact had very little. I felt like a boy and the feelings of not fitting in and being teased all came back again.

When my younger sister who is 14 began to develop at 11 and as she developed more, she got the breasts that I very much wanted. I thought it was so unfair that my own sister who is 7 years younger got bras, cleavage and overfill when I was still waiting to get anything.

Having no breasts, meant that people also thought I was younger then I am and even at 21, I still got asked for my ID and proof of age. I became frustrated and angry that I just wanted to be a happy and normal person and to finally love ME.

It was when I moved away from home that I decided I wanted implants, so I researched surgeons and types of implants. This was not something I went into lightly, there was a lot of searching, talking with the family about getting the support I needed and finally working out who I was going to get to do the surgery and the cost involved.

While discovering some surgeons while living on the Gold Coast, I wasn't 100% happy with them and being a student, they were a bit out of my price range (approx. 11,000-13000).

I then moved to Brisbane and while I was so busy with uni and work, getting breast implants was on my mind constantly. I realised that I had no confidence when it came to meeting people at uni and when people asked me out to social events, I always made some excuse not to go. I started falling deep into a black hole and I wasn't liking who I was becoming at all. I didn't want to go anywhere and even my bestfriends saw the change in me.

October last year, I discovered this wonderful site! I learnt so much I hadn't known already and the girls on here were extremely helpful. After reading through forum after forum about surgeons in Brisbane and the different types of implants and sizes, I decided that I needed to make my dream come true. I had seen so many great reviews about Dr Harwood, in fact, I had not read one bad review. I called up Rejuvenation Clinics and made an appointment to have a consultation with Dr Harwood in mid November. While booking my consultation over the phone, I found his staff were so lovely and happy, especially his wife Margaret who I had talked to a couple of times. I also booked a tentative surgery date, just to be on the safe side, as Barbara had told me that they were filling up very quickly getting so close to Christmas. My surgery date would be the 21st of December. I decided I would take my bestfriend with me the day of my consultation. I realised I wasn't nervous at all as his office had so many relaxing vibes about it. I waited for about 10 mins to be then greeted by a lovely man..Dr Harwood :)

He started my consultation by explaining Brazilian implants and the information I hadn't already known about them. My heart had always been set on Brazilian implants for many reasons after researching about different kinds of implants, one of the main reasons being the reduced cc risk. He then asked me what I wanted to achieve from the surgery and measured my size and answered all the questions I had which I was very happy with.

He then told me that we were going to talk more about shape, size etc so I took off my bra and top and he stood me in front of the mirror. I wasn't nervous at all like I had been with some other surgeons I had seen previously. I had told him I wanted something that looked quite natural, so he gave me two implants to try on, one was teardrop and the other was round. I think the first size was 280. He turned me from side on to front, and took a few photos for me on my phone. He then gave me the 305s, again one in teardrop and one in round. He asked me what I thought, and I told him I liked the rounds more then the teardrop as they suited my body shape more. He agreed, and told me that most women that get round implants never look back. He then gave me two 330's in the rounds to try on. He took some measurements and wrote them down on a chart. He then brought out a folder full of some photos of his patients pre and post op and showed me the difference in shape between the round and teardrop implants. He told me that he liked both the 305's and the 330's on me but would let me have a think about it and would order both.

That day I walked away so happy and excited, as I knew that I was one step closer to getting boobs! I was so happy with Dr Harwood and decided that he was going to be my surgeon.

Time went so slowly, but the 'December Girls' on here all counted down together which made things a little bit better, as I think alot of my close friends and family were getting tired of me telling how many days it was until my surgery haha..even though, they were of course excited!

Finally, the big day arrived! The 21st of December..surgery day! My operation was early in the morning and I was to not eat or drink anything before my surgery. My mum came with me. I went into the surgery room and my mum wished me goodluck. I wasn't nervous, just extremely excited. I took off my clothes, leaving my underwear on and putting on a gown. Dr Harwood came in wearing his surgery gear and his nice smile. He took some before pictures, measured me and drew on my chest. I had decided on the 330 rounds. He pulled some funny faces and I giggled. He made some jokes, which relaxed me completely. He kept asking if I was okay and I just nodded and smiled. I was in a bit of a daze, as I couldn't believe it was finally all happening. He turned me infront of the mirror where he explained where my incisions would be. He also showed me my expected projection, cleavage and nipple position.

Dr Harwood then took my hand and took me over to the bed where I layed down and the nurses began getting me ready and prepping monitors etc. Dr H then inserted a cannula into my arm and I remember beginning to feel really floaty and I closed my eyes. Dr H stroked my hair and I felt so relaxed. I don't remember much after that, except Dr H telling me that he also had a daughter who's name was Emma, which made me smile.

After Dr Harwood gave me some more 'wine' I don't remember anything. I was half awake when the nurses sat me up and showed me my new boobs and then they dressed me and took me to the after surgery room where I sat in a recliner with a blanket. The nurses gave me a cup of tea, some biscuits and some jelly beans. I scoffed them down super fast lol..and they all laughed along with my mum and got me some more. I was super relieved and happy that it was all over. I think I was there for about half and hour until my Mum and I left to go home. I was so out of it and as soon as I got home I fell asleep.

Because I had op a few days before xmas and Dr Harwood had a xmas break, I didn't have a one week appointment but Dr Harwood called me the day after my op to make sure everything was ok. I saw Dr Harwood as soon as the clinic re opened after the xmas break, on the 8th of January. He said he noticed how happy I was and that I was glowing. When I took my top and crop top off, he said they definitely weren't small and laughed. He looked at my scars and said everything is looking great. I gave him a big hug and told him thankyou for everything. I will go back to see him the end of February.

I am absolutely over the moon with my results! I feel so confident and extremely happy. My friends, family, and work colleagues have all commented on how they have noticed such a positive change in me. I have gotten tons of good comments and would recommend ANYONE to him in a heartbeat! His staff are wonderful and he is amazing. :D

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Aw Em, I'm so sorry you had to go through a lot to get to this point. People can be so nasty sometimes - I can't imagine how I would've coped if I'd been teased about my pre-op breasts since I was hard enough on myself as it was! Thanks for sharing your story, I'm sure it'll help lots of ladies on here :) You're such a strong girl and you've ended up with such a fabulous result, don't let anyone get you down because you are smoking and have a beautiful personality as well xx

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What a beautiful story. Emclare, I actually have tears in my eyes reading it. You sound like such a beautiful woman and I am so very happy that you got your breasts and had a wonderful experience. You put my mind at ease knowing I will be putting myself in good hands of dr harwood. Thanks emclare, looking forward to seeing more progress photos :)

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Miss Mel you know this already but I can back you up with saying youre in good hands with Dr Harwood & his nurses.

What a beautiful story. Emclare, I actually have tears in my eyes reading it. You sound like such a beautiful woman and I am so very happy that you got your breasts and had a wonderful experience. You put my mind at ease knowing I will be putting myself in good hands of dr harwood. Thanks emclare, looking forward to seeing more progress photos :)
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What a great story. Thanks for sharing. Your happiness is the outcome I want too. No matter which body part we are wanting to change in here, the ideal outcome is to be as happy as you are. I love the sound of the care you had as well - good staff all round. Enjoy.

New assets - I'm not looking forward to taking my clothes off for a stranger in a couple of days. it has to be done, but I really hate anyone seeing my body. I've put up befores and pulled them down again as I couldn't stand seeing them. Only 2 days before my before shots really will be before.

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