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Advice needed round silimed unders 440 cc Maximum MD

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Hey guys - I have searched till my fingers were blue looking for info about the silimed round imolants and changes over the next 12 mths PO - I am 9wks PO and worried about the shape they are/will be. lefty seems flat and low & Righty seems higher and more firm ( which I like) the left seems to soften and change quicker than my right but I would like to know how they will change . Will they get smaller as it feels my left has shrunk in size and I really don't want that if anything I want them to fluff out bigger - I know they won't drop even though it feels like the left has but I'm a 14E and really want to keep that size but cup feels looser on the left :( how do the BRAZILLIANS change over time - how long till they fluff and will they fluff out to be bigger - will my implant give me a fuller look or a slope ( maximum style and mod - MD profile ) silimed 30622 is the implant - has anyone had these round implants for last 12 mths that can remember and advise ? Help please lovely ladies I'm stressing that I'm going to have flat boring boobies ;( - (ps I can't work out how to put up pics) thanks again all advice is appreciated

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