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absolutely love the posts - I'm a newbie...

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I am have booked my breast lift + BA. It has taken me so long to decide, 10+ years... too long. Now that all is set to go, I am as some of you have also mentioned, obsessed with breasts; before and afters, recovery posts and general information sharing in forums like this. I have read so many forums and have to say... this forum is fantastic... the honesty and support. thank you... :) so excited... hahaha...;)

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Wow so exciting that you've booked I am a newbie to and I haven't booked yet I'm hoping to book for July.

I am obsessed ATM too!

So where and when have you booked?

And do you mind if I ask your stats?

Hight/ weight/ breast size

I'm 168cm/ 58kg and a 12A

Very deflated and saggy after breast feeding 2 gorgeous kids

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iI am going through Global Health Travel. I am going to Thailand... Bumrungrad International Hospital. surgeon, dr komwit. Stats... 164/64/10d. After giving birth some years ago, my boobs are also very deflated and sag. When I pinch my breast skin and lift it here is probably about 1cm of loose skin. I do a fair amount of Cardio exercise, so feel pretty fit, but when I look at myself in the mirror and see my boobs... I don't plan on having another child, so am feeling ready for this next experience.

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