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PIAC vs YIH Bangkok

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Hey Timeforme have you been to Thailand before? Bangkok / Phuket - surgery standard is probably the same its the price difference.

I guess the first thing you need to decide is do you want to get a cheaper procedure in Bangkok or pay a bit more for Phuket?

I was quoted approx 90K, 99K for Bangkok surgeons and approx 115K+ and 125K+ for Phuket ones.

The accommodation is much cheaper in Bangkok as well... 5 star Hotels were going to be about 1400 for 12 nights.

My accommodation in Phuket is 2000 Aud for 11 nights so a big difference and maybe not as nice/many stars?!?!?

I cant really speak for Bangkok as Ive never been... But originally I was booked to go there purely because it was a cheaper option for the surgery and accommodation... What made me change my mind was I had already been to Patong and liked it, had heard that Bangkok was just a big ugly dirty city. I started researching surgeons on here and felt wayyyy more comfortable booking a well known phuket surgeon over someone id never heard of before. that was cheaper. Just do what feels right to you.

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I spoke to a travel agent about Bangkok and Phuket yes Phuket was more expensive but the agent put it this way would you rather stay at the Gold Coast or kings cross .... That's what made my mind up them I searched surgeons in Phuket and chose Dr Boonchai at PIAC .... I'm so glad I did as my surgery went well and i am really happy , the staff were great the hospital nice and clean....


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