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Hey I'm 17 Male and wanting to get my nose fixed it has a large bump and is really big and bulky its really bad to look at from all angles. Its been like this for 3 years and yes i have thought about this and it is the right decisions for me. I want to reduce the size and remove the bump on it. My questions are

What really good plastic surgeon do you recommend? That is located in Sydney.

How much money would something like this cost?

I want it to look natural.

Thanks you all,

Is Dr Shahram Shahidi any good?

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Yes, Dr. Shahram Shahidi is a board-certified and qualified ENT Surgeon. However, there are plenty of other surgeons in Sydney; here are some you can with:

Dr. Jeremy Hunt (http://www.drjeremyhunt.com.au/face/rhinoplasty/)

Dr. Warwick Nettle (http://www.silkwoodmedical.com.au/nose-procedure/revision-rhinoplasty-corrective-nose-surgery-at-silkwood-medical-in-sydney/)

Dr. Paul Gerarchi (http://www.thefaceinstitute.com.au/)

Dr. Darryl Hodgkinson (http://rhinoplastyaustralia.com.au/)

Sildenafil Citrate Wholesaler

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I guess to ensure that your nose functions properly before the cosmetic side, you need an ENT (Ear, Nose and Throat) specialist.

When it comes to cost, i think it range from 8 to 11 grand. Sometimes, those surgeons who have gained good reputation can charge more, but generally the prices run within the range mentioned. In Sydney, I only know one ENT surgeon which is Dr Michael Zacharia. Check his profile here.

i hope this helps. :o

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