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Muscle spasm?

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Hi If ur allowed to take it I know magnesium powder or tablets are good for muscle spasms , cramps etc it helps relax muscles I take it when I have period pains and works for me. Buy it at chemist or health shops I personally think that powder works more quickly as u mix in water and absorbed in the body faster. I think should be safe enough to take wont harm ur implants or healing

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Sharon at Dr H's office suggested the magnesium, too. I Aalso have an anti-cramp spray. Squirt under tongue and relieves cramp almost immediately. I get bad cramps in my legs in hot weather. Still get the occasional spasm now if I've lifted something or stretched awkwardly. Not as intense, though.

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That's what the Valium is for :) I would definitely keep taking it if you're having spasms... You're probably ok by day 4 but I was told by one of the nurses that muscle spasms can displace the implant. I asked Dr H about it & he said it was rare (only happened 3 times in 3 yrs, I think) & would've happened in the first 24 hrs if it was going to happen.... But the Valium will relax the muscles so this won't happen.. Also doubled as a sleeping tablet for me lol I mentioned this in my one week thread update if you wanna read it -



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