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Those who delt with asymmetry...

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Me again! I think the posts will be ongoing with a thousand questions until my op day! Sorry in advance! Ha

Ok so- I have asymmetric boobs mainly from breast milk flowing faster from the lefty so that's the one my babies preferred. So now I would say one side is an A cup one is a B cup- of skin that is (no tissue)

I will go into more depth with my surgeon on Wednesday for options, but suggested a lollipop lift just on the bigger side to correct this.

But I see a lot of girls who's surgeons but say a 300cc in one then a 340cc in the other to even them out.

My initial thoughts on that are that its a good solution without paying for the lift and you get even breasts. However has anyone been advised what they will be like potentially 5-10 yrs down the track when gravity does its thing, wouldn't the extra weight in the bigger implant drop faster causing asymmetry again?

Would love to hear what others knowledge of this is!

Thanks again :)

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Hi, I had a similar situation, though mine were always a little different (so asymmetrical in tissue) but this was emphasized by breast feeding making the nipple sit lower (and it points sligntly out too!) I also had a dip in the chest wall behind the smaller side. I was never recommended a lift, as I really didn't have any sag as such. I could have had an areola lift on the left to bring to closer to the centre, but I still had a difference in tissue to deal with anyhow.

In the end I was give left 375 mod+ and right 425 HP, and I'm thrilled with the results. It took a while for them to even up, as my left was slower at dropping. Volume wise they fit a bra near perfectly the same and the nipple height is darn close too. I'm very pleased not to have had a lift, but was considering it for a while post op until the left dropped and they evened out much more.

I have noticed with the Brazilan implants that if you have some difference in breast size, they do matching base width with a different profile. For instance, a round base implant with a diameter of 11.8 can have Low, mod. HP and XHP profiles, but they all have increasing amounts of cc, ie low is 295cc, mod is 325cc, HP is 355cc and xhp 380cc....but they all have the same base diameter....therefore front on they will look the same, but projection will be different. This flexiblitly will work for some asymmetrical issues, but obviously not for everyone, it depends on many factors. If I ever need a redo I will seriously consider these.

There have been a few girls who have had similar issues to you and had a lift on one side. Marymartini saw Dr Piyapas in Phuket and had an areaola lift on one side. For me, I'm thrilled with my results and as both sides feel virtually the same in volume and thus weight, and therefore I'm hoping any act of gravity on them will be even so that they continue to match for a good long while!!




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Hi Hayley,

just yesterday I had a lift and BA, my surgeon said my right would just pass without a lift but my left definitely needed one.. So we decided that it would be much better to make them both look the same so I had a lift on both sides. he said rather then use different sized implants he wanted to reduce my bigger boob to match the other side... so what he did was put the implants in both sides, gave the right a lift then reduced the left side to match the right, he said he took out about 80g. I am yet to see the results as im all bound up, but will be happy to put some pics up once all the dressings etc come off...

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Hi Hayley,

I had a tummy tuck and BL with BA last week. I had the same problem my right breast was much bigger than my left and they both were sagging due to massive weight loss.

My Surgeon told me I would have a full anchor scar but when he was in surgery he was able to get away with a lollipop scar YAY. He said he reduced the right breast to match the left and then used two implants the same size, in his opinion if you use two different implants in time ( many years ) when your body ages things will change and he said that in most cases the asymmetry will return. I'm not sure if that's because I've gone over the muscle.

My surgery was mainly for the tummy tuck and the BA was a why the hell not whilst I'm under anaesthetic. I hadn't put that much thought into my BA and trusted my surgeon 100%, I didn't even have a size preference, my goal was to have them back where they were supposed to be and the same size. He took in 240 cc, 210 cc and 175 cc he said the 240cc wouldn't fit and the 210 looked utterly huge in me, so placed the 175cc in from what I can see so far I'm really really happy and more excited about my new boobies then my tummy lol.

Let us know what you decide


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I have a similar problem. My right breast is 100cc bigger and the nipple sits lower. PS suggested a lollipop lift on the right only. He told me that in order to lift the right breast he'd need to use a larger implant than on the left side which would only serve to make the size difference even more noticable :( Not what I wanted to hear, but it makes sense!

Like Kirstyleigh, I'm going to go the whole hog and get both sides lifted. I'm already a D cup and don't want to have a massive increase in size just to avoid lifting the left breast. So I figure that getting both sides lifted now will set my boobs up to be perky for many years

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Hi Kristyleigh and Kimmie,

I wondered if you would be happy to share the names of hospitals and surgeons you used? I'm new to all this but am beginning to research for a TT BA and BL in Thailand next year, I also have quite a significant size difference and am looking for the best surgeon to help with this, I was thinking of using Boonchai though I have seen other posts that he has suggested using different size implants.

Hope you can help

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