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Hey lovelies, 

I don’t know anyone who has had a breast uplift & implants or any cosmetics surgery for that matter, so I’m unsure if how I feel is perfectly normal!

I went abroad from the UK to Poland for surgery 12 weeks ago, after 2 children my breasts were an empty 34C & I didn’t like the sight of myself naked.

I was advised by my surgeon to go for round mentor 340cc silicon implants on top of the muscle with anchor surgery. The surgery it’s self was straightforward though I had a rubbish reaction to the anaesthetic (which I was totally unprepared for) after being discharged the following day I was told my right breast was slightly more swollen & showing signs of a problem, thankfully a few extra days with the drains in resolved this. My overall experience of my supposed 5 star chosen practice was far from it - I couldn’t wait to get home. 

Within 2 days of flying home the real problems started, the wound on my right breast started to open - the fight went on for weeks dressing it with the help of my partner & trying to close the wound with steri strips, meanwhile my left breast at the junction where both wounds meet started to do the same, we managed to close this one relatively quickly. Soon after that my right breast did exactly the same only over a larger area - the pain was awful & I was incredibly uncomfortable unable to sleep for more than an hour or so at a time. I had 3 infections & spitting sutures too, the right breast breast finally healed only just last week! Over the last 12 weeks I have been unable to exercise due to the wound on my right breast remaining open, I’ve found the whole experience to date very traumatic.

At this point my left breast has dropped & fluffed though my right breast remains high I assume due to the scar tissue from the wound there, the bottom of my breast looks square also - I feel like all I do is cry, I am so unhappy with the way I look & the fact my breast doesn’t seem like it will ever look okay, I can’t find any nice bras & my breasts are a full size bigger than I had asked for. I’m only 5ft 2 so didn’t want to be above a DD as I felt this would look odd on my small frame & less natural, I’m measuring a EE/F!!!

Someone please tell me it gets better, I was so unprepared for the low mood & feelings of guilt in relation to the surgery, I can’t help but think I’ve made a HUGE mistake!



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