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So let me start off by saying I’m getting a revision done no matter what. I’m coming here as a last resort because every time I ask on reddit people say I’m crazy or that my nose looks fine but I know for a fact it really doesn’t because in reality it looks worse in every day life than in pictures.


I got my rhinoplasty in April 2019 I believe? I was 18 years old and had no real experience with any kind of surgery, let alone a cosmetic one. Thinking back, I probably should’ve researched more and should’ve been more assertive about what I wanted, but when the doctor edited my nose to give me a slope and asked “Is this what you want?” I nodded yes and went ahead with the surgery. I know you’re thinking... How stupid is she? How could she just agree to a surgery without really talking it out?? WELL. I was and am still a very insecure person with extreme body dysmorphia and I just wanted my pain to finally end! So I assumed the doctor would do what’s best and went along with it. 


Don’t get me wrong, I do not regret the surgery at all and actually prefer this fucked up honker way better than my old one, at least. The only thing I regret was not knowing how to choose a better doctor and not knowing how to explain what I want concerning my nose... So I need help.


Is what I want in the pictures below possible? How can I explain what I want in words or techniques to a doctor?? 


I’m adding my current nose and a facetuned version that closest represents what I want. It’s not 100% accurate because I also want the nostrils to show less of the inside of my nose and be generally moved in. 


Also, how bad is my nose really? It doesn’t look too bad here, but trust me even the normal unfacetuned photos look a lot better than candid photos of my nose...


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