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Perth surgeons for fake look

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I'm 5'3 size 12 currently and working my way down to a size 6 - 8. I wear a 12H or 14G and don't really want to go bigger just wanting more upper pole and to have my nipples lifted. If my boobs do shrink as I keep losing weight then I will want to go bigger. So far have lost 15.6kgs post pregnancy but no size off my boobs (I went up 3 sizes during pregnancy)

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I know a girl with very fake looking implants by dr kalis, other women on here have had him with a more natural look but the girl I know said his nurse told her he likes the big fake looking breasts.... Dr lee is another good option I think too he will go big with out being silly

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Okay fair enough, I'm surprised at how small 550 is. I'm a size 8 and everyone told me they would be huge and ridiculous but they are actually perfect for my frame and get lost in clothes without a bra. I definitely want bigger in the future!

Don't tell me that Don.. I am hoping 560cc will look big on my size 12 frame! (fine.. size 14 down bottom.. massive bum! haha)

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Well you've seen my 550s, I think they look in proportion. I do have an ass and thighs though so that's probably why :p

Hi Donatella, you look stunning in that polka dot dress....would you mind if I ask what bra size you are?

I have to get a redo due to a rupture and yours look amazing and would be my dream pair!


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