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My Experience with Dr. Steven Liew

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My experience with Dr. Steven Liew

In 2010, I hesitantly made an appointment with Dr. Steven Liew to ask him about Sculptra (a filler similar to Botox) to inject in to my temples and cheeks as I had lost all the fat and muscle in the face due to a rare muscular dystrophy disease. After the initial consultation I felt comfortable knowing that he is a genuine professional in his field. He explained very clearly what was involved in the procedure, and also the variety of other products (fillers) that were available. I then knew that Dr. Liew was someone I could trust.

When you’re having any procedure on the face unfortunately if the outcome turns out to be not to your expectation, or in the worse case it becomes rather a horrific disaster you cannot hide it. Therefore, it’s extremely important to put your face in the care of a Doctor who specializes in his field. In addition it’s a great benefit when they’re up to date and advanced with the latest products and information. It is important that they are good injectors. Otherwise you may be destined towards a great deal of regret. Unfortunately we have heard and seen certain disaster cases where procedures have gone wrong due to the lack of the knowledge and experience the Doctor or injector has had.

I just want to share my experience at Shape Clinic with Dr. Liew and inform anyone who is seeking a Doctor/Plastic Surgeon who is very well updated with the latest advancements, and product knowledge and information in the area of fillers to consult him.

I recently saw Dr. Liew for another treatment this year 2013.

In addition I also found the staff at Shape Clinic in Darlinghurst to be genuinely caring as they make you feel comfortable as soon as you walk in.

Thank you Dr.Steven Liew and staff

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