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Koh Samui is perfect. The swelling isn't

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Hi everyone, I hope your all recovering well from your recent surgery's. I have been thinking about you ;). I just wanted to come on & tell you all about our adventure holiday so far.... I REALLY wanted a relaxing holiday, but some times things just don't go to plan... So here how our journey goes.

My hubby & I left our home in Perth on the 1st Nov at 6am (woke up at 4am) got to the airport just b4 7am, flew out at 9:10am. Arrived in Bangkok at just after 3pm. OOOHHHH so lovely & HOT! We stood in a line waiting for a taxi for about 45+ mins (time now 4:30pm). Arrived at train station around 5:30pm. Train departed Bangkok 7:30pm. Our plans were to get a 1st class sleeper (costing about about $50 each!!! How cheap is that!) & sleep our way to Suran Thani (long way south of Bangkok). All the 1st class sleepers taken. BUGGA! All the 2nd class sleepers taken. SIHT!!! OK we tried for 1st class & 2nd class Aircon seating. taken!!! WTF you have to be kidding!!! What we got was 2nd class sitting no air con. We spent the night sitting on a train with the Thai locals. What can I say... My hubby wanted an "ruffing it experience" (I did not! But... It's HIS birthday holiday) This trip was more than he expected, more than both of us could really handle. We arrived at Suran Thani the next morning at about 9:30am (that's 14 hours on the train!) After a HOT night on the train, no air con, sitting up (admittedly there was plenty of leg room), with the lights on ALL night! We arrived at Suran Thani 2 hours later than we were meant to! The bus was waiting... Another hour on the bus. Time when we arrived at the ferry TO Koh Samui 10:30am. Then we had the final leg to out journey (or so I thought) a 45 min ferry trip. Arrived on Koh Samui at just after 11am. Then we had to get from the ferry to our hotel. Arrived at our hotel at about 12pm. (after dropping off heeps of other holiday goers)

Hubby & I spent 31 hours traveling, from home to hotel!

This is what my feet looked like after...

Tomorrow I am booked into have a Lymphatic Drainage Massage & a Sonar Massage to help rid me of some of this fluid!!! Has anyone else had either or both of these to get rid of this excess fluid? I believe it's a combination of, a) recent surgery's, B) 31 hours of traveling & sitting mostly & c) the gorgeous heat here that I WONT complain about lol... Looking forward to this massage tomorrow. Other wise...




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Hahah MayneGirl I LOVE your new profile pic! Boobie Congratulations babe. Yeah I've never had feet quite like this either. A little bit while I was pregnant but nothing quite to this extent. I'm getting concerned that I'm gonna get stretch marks on my feet :o. I look like I've go elephantiasis!!! Luckily they do go down a bit over night but by evening they look like that again. My belly isn't much better. I really do look pregnant, with this swollen (but flat) belly, huge titties & swollen feel....

Loving it here though. I just sent a FB message to my son back home to pay the mortgage & send more money cuz WERE NEVER COMING HOME!!!! lol

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