I am after the number one mummy makeover surgeon in Queensland?

I have had medical issues in the last few years which is now sorted. I had an avn brain bleed plus paralysed vocal cords which is now sorted. Am I able to have surgery with my medical history?

tessa72 February 2nd, 2016 QLD

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     Sam Cunneen

    Sam Cunneen

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    Dear Tessa, thank you for your question. 
    You do sound like you have been through a pretty rough patch with your past medical history. 
    In my opinion I think if these problems are truly sorted there is no reason you couldn't embark on further surgery. It would almost certainly need to be performed in a hospital with a high acuity unit just incase there was any intraoperative concerns. 
    It is also really important to ensure your surgeon is using a top anaesthetist who will be the doctor caring for your airway while under anaesthetic.
    I hope that is useful, all the best with choosing a surgeon,Dr Sam CunneenPlastic and Reconstructive Surgeon