Can an implant actually fall out?

I've been told by my "surgeon" that the implants he put in are too heavy for my skin and that the skin is stretching a lot. He said this will continue to thin out my skin and there is a very real chance that the skin will get so thin that it will split and the implant will actually fall out. I'm terrified obviously. My right breast feels very loose and rotates and at the base of my breast the implant is very visible and almost looks and feels to be bunching up - as in its just dropped there and nothing is holding it. Just wondering what my options would be to fix it and if the implant really CAN just fall out? I've included photos from when it was rotated and close ups to show how they just seem to "hang" from my body. Thank you!

MaddiJay February 25th, 2016 VIC

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     Gavin Sandercoe

    Gavin Sandercoe

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    Hi Maddijay
    Implants that are too heavy for your skin/breast structure can cause the overlying skin to stretch, and on rare occasions will cause enough pressure on the skin that they become exposed (and require removal). This happens more frequently with some implants over others.
    You can re-size your implants and have a breast lift at the same time, but it carries a moderate risk of asymmetry long term which may require additional operations to get you even. Although it is less convenient, performing the implant exchange and the breast lift (to tighten the excess skin) about 3-6 months apart will allow a more predictable result.
    Good Luck
    Dr Gavin Sandercoe