breast revision to close wide gap & lateral displacement

currently 4m post 520cc HP. my left is falling into my armpits and is quite painful. having to wear a high supportive bra even at nightime It's also very droopy, mri shows significant fold in the implant & also funny shape.. possibly flipped? bottomed out? lateral displacement? I would like to close my cleavage gap up and go up to 700cc to create a nice round natural looking cleavage as shown in photos below. & tighten the pockets under my arms/sides. am I suitable candidate or will go bigger create more problems. I'm more concerned about the implants going further outwards as they drop and fluff & also symmastia.

missboobies March 17th, 2016 WA

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     Sam Cunneen

    Sam Cunneen

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    Hi and thank you for your question. From the photos you have sent I think the implants may be sitting a little low but they don't look terribly laterally displaced. I think instead your original surgeon has chosen quite wide implants and that width has created the impression of lateral displacement.The other lady's picture has a pre operative breast cleavage which is closer than yours would have been, which i think is why her breasts look closer together post operatively.By going larger you may actually accentuate the appearance of the gap between your breasts. You are correct to worry about synmastia. Your cleavage is set at birth and trying to surgically reduce it is a mistake.The pain you are describing may be due to early capsular contacture or may be a result of the large volume pulling on your soft tissues. It is worth checking in with your original surgeon to see whether there is anything worrying occurring.I hope that helpsDr Sam CunneenPlastic and reconstructive surgeon