Symmastia prior to having breast augmentation

I went and saw my surgeon yesterday would checked all my measurements we decided on the implants and then he told me that we he inserts the implanta he will have to do it slighty away from the middle of my chest due to me already having symmastia and that i will need a special bra in help keep the breast separated. I would like to know if this approach sounds right or if there were any other approaches. I have tried looking online but it seems to be a rare thing to have Symmastia before having breast augmentation.

March 22nd, 2016 QLD

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    Dr. Raymond Goh

    Raymond Goh

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    Hi. Dr Ray Goh from Brisbane here. 
    Thank you for your question. You are correct in your general understanding that symmastia is a term that is more commonly used to describe an iatrogenic (surgically caused) situation where both breasts appear to be joined in the centre. Symmastia occurs when the pockets in which the implants sit have been over-dissected on the inner aspect, and one breast "joins" the other. Without seeing photographs, it is difficult to diagnose what your current clinical situation is; however, the term "symmastia" may have been used in a setting whereby you currently have an obvious lack of definition of the inner aspect (cleavage) of your breasts. Suggestions of purposely placing the implants away from the centre of the chest is probably more applicable if the implants are going to be placed in a subglandular/subfascial plane, where there is no muscle to help stop the implant from pushing inward. One also has to be careful in the selection of implant size/shape and careful creation of the implant pocket to prevent symmastia from occurring.  
    I hope that this helps clear things up a little.
    Kind regards,
    Dr Ray Goh