Unsure what size implant to choose.

I'm currently a size 10A. 152cm tall and 57kg. My surgeon has recommended 270cc 300cc or 360cc mod profile round implants. I'm not sure as to how big the 300cc will make me vs the 360cc. I've read that got 100cc of implant it equates to a cup size increase. Is that correct? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

April 3rd, 2016 VIC

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    Dr. Raymond Goh

    Raymond Goh

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    Plastic Surgeon
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    Hi Yangi. 
    Thank you for posting your question.
    From the figures stated, it seems that you are a fairly petite girl. The implant sizes you have mentioned will certainly give you a noticeable result. Have you had a chance to "trial" the different implant sizes? This can be done by putting implant sizers or test implants underneath your bra and clothes to see what they feel and look like. A certain increase in volume (cc's) of implant does not always equate to the same "cup size" increase in two different patients. Many other factors come into play, such as the patients body shape and type. Every breast augmentation patient has a range of implant size and shapes that will suit their body, and one way of determining which size to settle on is to try them on you.
    I hope this helps. All the very best.
    Kind regards,
    Dr Ray Goh