Do i have symmastia?

My surgeon told me when he was doing his measurements that i have slight symmastia and that he would need to place the implants slightly away from the middle of my chest when usually he would place them closer to the middle to close the gap on most people. Do you agree with the above? Is there an option i have to fix my slight symmastia prior to surgery? He suggested the only way i could correct it was to have liposuction in that specific area. If i can i would like to fix the issue prior to getting implants

April 11th, 2016 QLD

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    Dr. Raymond Goh

    Raymond Goh

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    Hi there. Thank you for posting your question and photos.
    The term symmastia is rarely used to describe confluence of the breasts in a congenital setting (that is, naturally occurring). It is more commonly used in the setting whereby surgery has caused the joining of the breasts due to over dissection of the medial tissue during breast augmentation. Looking at your photos, I agree that you may have slightly thicker tissue between your breasts; however, I would not classify it definitively as symmastia. 
    In performing breast augmentation, the implant needs to sit in the middle of the breast "footplate" in order to achieve the best aesthetic outcome. The pocket created to hold the implant does not need to be deliberately placed to the side to prevent symmastia. The key is to avoid over dissection of the breast tissue. Symmastia is also more common when the implant is placed in an "over-the-muscle" pocket as, in this situation, you don't have the additional muscle coverage acting as protection against implant pressure.
    I hope this information has been of help.
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    Dr Ray Goh