Will my breasts drop further?

Hi, I'm just over 6 months post op from a straight forward BA. From about 2 months post op I began to feel concerned about my upper pole. My surgeon assured me that my breasts will settle and look more natural as time goes on but I haven't noticed much of a change at all. From front on my boobs look fantastic, (although I think the nipples are a little low). Side on however they don't look so natural. I feel like my implants are sitting quite high and my breast tissue is low. It's not a smooth slope at all. I was hoping as they dropped it would go away. This shape seems to be worst when I have just taken off my bra. Is this called waterfall effect? Will this get better with time? Or do I need revision? If so how is this corrected. I feel as though the photos don't look as obvious as they are in person. Thank you!

May 5th, 2016 QLD

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    Dr. Raymond Goh

    Raymond Goh

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    Hi LaurenT.
    Thank you for posting your concerns and photos.
    Various types of breast implants (smooth, textured, polyurethane) can behave differently in the way they settle into their final pocket. They can sometimes take up to 12 months to settle into position and for the upper pole to flatten out. The only exception to this is when there is a capsular contracture, which can only be deciphered through clinical examination. Capsular contracture is unlikely if your breasts feel soft. I would be patient and give it more time. If over time they remain high and you are unhappy, consult with your surgeon to see what can be done to improve them.
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    Dr Ray Goh