Breast Implant Revision - Help, Desperation & Frustration

So I'm desperate for some help clarity/guidance/clarity/closure on having a revision Breast Augmentation (BA).BACKGROUND: Two BA's so far first 600cc silicone round Mod Plus profile second 800cc Silicone High Profile Round. Now I am tall almost 6ft 4 and 'athletic' or broad is the more blunt way of putting it. My current implants are too small in my opinion. IDEAL SOLUTION: 1200-1300cc Custpom Silicone Round Implants with similar dimensions to Sebbin France Custom Implants 1300cc which is 16cm Width 10.1cm projection with an Australian surgeon. PROBLEM: 800cc Silicone is the upper limit made by most companies for safety reasons - ok fair enough. Motiva and Polytech make an implant about 1000cc but would not be worth bothering with for the subtle difference in volume. EXCEPTIONS: Surely there are cases where larger implants on a person of greater height greater breast width hence greater surface area skin fat tissue thickness etc to support such an implant not to mention the aesthetic outcomes that are not that unreasonable and as safe as 800cc implants on a smaller person? CURRENT OPTIONS: Sebbin Custom made implants obtained 'off label' and surgery performed in Thailand- still tricky as Thai FDA do not approve the importation of unapproved medical devices but can be done in a round about way. OR SALINE implants overfilled to aesthetically ideal size surgery performed in US by one of the two leaders in this procedure either in San Diego or Florida: Problem with saline is firmness, only a nipple incision used and having to go to the US. IDEAL OUTCOME: Australian Surgeon Silicone implants 1200-1300 cc. Is this possible or am I dreaming. I would be SO appreciative of any info or help or ideas regarding this as I have been trying to get somewhere with this for 3 years and desperately need some help? Thanks in advance for taking the time to answer - I really appreciate it. :-)

June 8th, 2016 VIC

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    Dr. Raymond Goh

    Raymond Goh

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    Hi Gabbiegirl. 
    Thank you for your question. 
    There's a good reason why the most reputable breast implant companies don't make implants in volumes as high as or greater than 1000cc, and why not many surgeons are keen to put in implants of this size. Such heavy implants (no matter a patient's anatomy) are associated with a much higher risk of early and more significant complications. 
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    Dr Ray GohValley Plastic Surgery