What filler is best & cosmetic physician recommendations please!!!

I underwent primary rhinoplasty back in August 2014, I Had/ still have a deep horizontal crease in my radix. The surgeon in pre-op discussed doing a radix graft to take out the deep crease which unfortunately don't think he did as the crease only got deeper has he made my nose smaller ( which I wanted) Amongst other improvement's with tip and radix I may need revision rhinoplasty currently researching surgeons. Temporarily I'm wanting long lasting fillers injected to take out the crease, I find when I get botox injected in the glabellar it helps a little but the crease is to deep and theirs no structure and my biggest fear is the fillers ending up near my eye region! The surgeon at 3 months post -op did inject some disposal Juvederm Ultra Xc it helped a little but it's very deep, 2 years later I feel the filler is going away and needing something. If I don't do anything soon I feel I'm going to look mad and ugly as my eyebrows get lowered as theirs no structure if that makes sense ? Botox helps raise the eyebrows which I religiously get done every 3 months Can you please advice what fillers you would use the the radix region to take out a deep crease ? Thank you in advance! Cosmetic

cosmetic June 13th, 2016 NSW

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    Dr. Raymond Goh

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    Hi Cosmetic. Thank you for posting your queries.
    If you are intending on undergoing further revision rhinoplasty to correct the glabella/radix area, I would caution against using long-lasting fillers. I have seen many patients for rhinoplasty who at the time of consultation had fillers in their nose. For these patients, I will get their fillers "dissolved" (with hyaluronidase in the case of hyaluronic acid based fillers) in order to gain a true assessment of what's required for their nose. Glabella/radix/root of nose augmentation can be easily achieved with cartilage/fascial grafts, and this will give you the best long term result. In my opinion, fillers, no matter how long lasting they are, are never a reliable long term solution. In your case, fillers are a great way to ascertain if filling out the radix will give you the look you desire and if so, then an autologous graft should be contemplated.
    I hope this information helps, and all the very best.
    Warm regards,
    Dr Ray GohValley Plastic Surgery