Advice for breast lift plus augmentation - which technique is right for me? (Photo)

I m a 36B/ 36C (size 10 dress size on top and 12 on bottom) My plan is to have a breast augmentatin with silicone implants to increase my bust size to a 36D. (350-400cc high profile anatomical implant). Would a cresent or donut lift give me enough lift with the implants? My top goal is to be perky (I like the look of a high nipple with a nice curve under the breast) and the right size, although minimal scarring would be amazing from a dounut or crescent lift would make me very happy. Nipple size is 3.5cm across. I am 26yrs old - haven't breast fed. Thanks for your advice!

June 17th, 2016 WA

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    Dr. Raymond Goh

    Raymond Goh

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    Hi Flossy89.
    Thank you for posting your photos and questions.
    From what I can gather from your photos, you have some degree of ptosis (droop) in both breasts. I do not believe you will be able to get the high-nipple perky appearance with large implants alone or even with implants and a peri-areolar (donut/crescent) lift. To get the appearance you are looking fore, I would be thinking along the lines of implants with a mastopexy (lift) that entails an incision around the nipple and vertically down the breast. 
    I hope this information helps.
    Dr Ray GohValley Plastic Surgery