Am I realistic in wanting a periareolar mastopexy?

Hi, I'm a little conflicted about my breasts. I've accepted that they aren't terribly unattractive but considering my age (27) and having never had children, I feel somewhat embarrassed about them. They are somewhat asymmetrical, with faded stretch marks after weight loss when I was 15 / 16, but what makes me uncomfortable is their droopiness. I'm very much aware that if it wasn't for my rapid weight gain and rapid weight loss as a teenager they would be somewhat perkier. I'm very much averse to the idea of implants; I'm happy with the size of my breasts as they are now (C, but on occasion a B cup). It's a little hypocritical of me that whilst I'm looking at plastic surgery I'm averse to the idea of implants - I just want a natural looking solution that reflects what I might ordinarily look like. For this reason I'm only really interested in a periareolar mastopexy (or a variation of it) - but I am aware there is a lot of negative criticisms of this surgery and not certain its effect will be considerable enough to suitably adjust the ptosis. Another factor is budget - I understand that a consultation is necessary to present a quote, and costs will vary according to each person, their surgeon and secondary factors. However I was hoping on understanding at least the parameters of potential minimum / maximum costs, if not a ball park figure. I have a very definite budget and won't pursue this if it is unrealistic for me - I don't particularly want to waste the time of myself and the surgeon pursuing a consultation if this is the case. Thanks in advance, Yo.

yo yo September 10th, 2016 VIC

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    Thanks for posting your question and photographs.  Based on your photographs you display mild breast ptosis which is typical after weight loss.  The good news is that breast rejuvenation surgery can help you feel more confident again.  A formal consultation is required but a well planned breast lift with small implants is likely to deliver you the best results.  As you know, surgeons fees vary depending on the level of skills, experience and qualifications.  Your best step is to contact surgeons in your area and you will be able to obtain a price guide for surgery.