Reduction, lift and implants

I have very large saggy breasts i am 26years old with a 16J and im wanting a reduction but looking online i hate what reductions look like at the end so im wanting a full reduction lift and implants is this possible?

shannonmummy September 17th, 2016 VIC

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    Dr. Raymond Goh

    Raymond Goh

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    Queensland, Australia

    Hi Shannonmummy. Thank you for your post.
    Without photographs, it's hard to advise specifically. If you are 16J to begin with, my immediate thoughts would be a breast reduction alone. Breast reductions performed well can achieve not only a functional improvement, but also be aesthetically pleasing. You certainly will not be able to achieve an "augmented" or "fake" look with a breast reduction alone, and there is often deficiency in the upper pole. Keep in mind that the result from an implant with a reduction/lift performed at the same time can often be less predictable than a lift/reduction alone, as you are introducing the extra factor of an implant, and where it eventually settles will somewhat influence the final shape of the breast and the position of the nipples. Sometimes, to achieve a more predictable result, we may choose to perform a reduction/lift first, followed by implants at a second stage.
    I hope this information is of help.
    Best regards,Dr Ray GohValley Plastic Surgery
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     Robert Drielsma

    Robert Drielsma

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    Thanks for posting your question.  Its difficult to offer much advice without photographs to review.  Typically, in my practice, patients of a similar breast size are very happy with a reduction only.  Natural results can be achieved while at the same time alleviating much of the neck, back and should discomfort associated with large breasts.  In my practice, patients such as you are extremely happy with the reduction and the natural shape achieved.  Your best option would be to arrange a consultation with a fully qualified plastic surgeon, experienced in large breast reduction surgery, to discuss your goals.