Nostrils create bulbous looking tip; rhinoplasty necessary?

I look like I have a bulbous tip and my nose spreads a LOT when I smile. However the tip isnt solid its like a 'bubble' my nostrils make and can be pushed in easily. However my bridge is quite slim (my nose looks like a triangle!) Would I require rhinoplasty to correct this or would alarplasty or a 'tip' plasty correct it? Or even just suturing somehow?? Thank you for your time!

Bri92 October 1st, 2016 VIC

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     Robert Drielsma

    Robert Drielsma

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    Its difficult to assess from the photographs provided as you haven’t shown your nose in full or in profile.  From what you describe you have a bulbous or bulky nasal tip which is due to full cartilages in the tip of the nose.  What you describe with your nostrils being pushed in easily is basically normal.   Its possible you could address your concerns with an alarplasty procedure.  Arrange a consultation with a fully qualified plastic surgeon to discuss your options.