Just had my Skype appointment with Dr ***** and now I'm scared shitless. I was fine till now but he's told me I'm a difficult case so I'm having second thoughts. So I am very bottom heavy breasted and I have a very wide gap at the bottom of my breasts. This makes round implants a NOT an option and he is concerned I'll be ok in a bra but out of a bra - the big gap will remain and I may be unhappy. Then he told me that I can expect about a c cup only, I have a higher risk of rotation if I attempt ANY exercise except walking strolls because I'll stretch the pocket of the implant. I'm confused now and while I don't want it sugar coated, I'm wondering if I'm even a candidate for successful implants Desperate for feedback as my surgery is friday

Kirst74m October 17th, 2016 NT

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