Not happy, Wanting third revision

First BA was 12 yrs ago, after my two children - breastfed. 275cc & 300cc round over the muscle cosmetic surgeon. I then had another baby 10yrs later which distroyed my breasts further - implants needed replacing. I went to Bangkok 7 months ago for revision. I now have 400cc round textured high profile under the muscle. My plastic surgeon said my breast tissue was too thin for any larger implant and that I would require a lollipop lift in a year once my skin settles. I since made contact and said that after waiting a year can I go a bigger implant size or ULTRA high profile, they don't do ultra high profile anywhere in Thailand?? Not sure why? And the surgeon said no he wouldn't preform my surgery as he didn't recommend going bigger. I've now seen a 5 star plastic surgeon here in Australia 2 weeks ago. He said I could go bigger up to 580cc ultra high profile which will give me the projection I'm after whilst keeping the diameter the same, though mentioned it will give me more of a "shelf look" and more fake look. He didn't mention anything about my breast tissue being too thin, he said I cover my implants I have now nicely - not did I mention what the other surgeon said about thinning. He also mentioned that going high profile will possibly push the sagging skin below my nipple out so I won't require a donut lift. I just want more projection and to get rid of the flat spot under my nipple. Looking for a surgeon to do this in January or February 2017 - happy to travel anywhere in Australia, currently I'm in WA THANKS!

November 27th, 2016 Australia

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