How much for this procedure

I need lipo, breast lift, tummy, eyes,

Kay sargentson October 24th, 2017 NSW

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     Jeremy Hunt

    Jeremy Hunt

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    Plastic Surgeon
    New South Wales, Australia

    Thanks for the question -  though it is a hard one to answer directly.
    It is difficult to give a direct answer as there are a lot of variables and options in what you are asking, The duration of the procedure, the type and extent of the tummy tuck, and if the breast lift will need an implant to restore volume, as well as if there is private insurance that may cover some of the costs, are all questions that need to be considered when the cost is estimated. 

    As everyone is going to be individual, the cost will vary from person to person and surgeon to surgeon, and  even offering a range is difficult as the difference between two people asking for the same procedure can be quite large.
    The best option will be to be seen in a consultation, and from there a surgcial plan can be made, and cost estimate given
     I hope that makes sense and is of some help
    Jeremy HUNT