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I want to go toThailand to do a mummy makeover,I sent all info in regards to asses and have been told I also need a breast lift and extended tummy tuck.I have done some research and looked at before and after pics of others and some that have had fairly droopy boobs only had an augmentation. My husband or I don't think I have droopy boobs.Also the extended tummy tuck is for loose skin and I only have the issue in my tummy area not my hips.Do I do what's is being reccomended? R they money grabbing.

February 22nd, 2018 NSW

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     Robert Drielsma

    Robert Drielsma

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    Plastic Surgeon
    New South Wales, Australia

    The risks of surgical tourism are very high. Its unlikely the qualifications and training of your doctor in Thailand meet the minimum Australian standards. There is no way of checking the integrity and quality of your implants. If you experience post operative qualifications it is difficult and expensive to return to your chosen surgeon in Thailand for post operative care. I see many people in my practice for revision surgeon after experiencing complications overseas. You are an excellent candidate for a tummy and breast lift with implants. Its likely you would be disappointed with the results of breast augmentation on their own as your breasts sit a little low on your chest wall and implants need to be centred directly behind your nipples. The result will be large breasts that sit quite low. Arrange a consultation with a fully qualified plastic surgeon to discuss your goals and options.