Textured implants sudden softening after 6 Months

I am 6 Months post op with round textured 385cc under muscle. I was very flat chested before hand. My implants have always sat quite perky as if I was wearing a bra and were pretty firm. A couple weeks ago I was adjusting into a bra and must have been too rough as my breasts were aching as if I was 1 week post op. All of a sudden once the pain went away my breasts became softer with a bit more movement. Even my partner noticed. Is this normal? What could have happened?

Mikit April 2nd, 2018 VIC

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     Robert Drielsma

    Robert Drielsma

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    Its difficult to comment without a formal examination but its common for your breasts to soften and settle after surgery. It can take many months for the muscles to stretch and relax to accommodate your implants. If you are concerned then you should return to your surgeon for a review.