Are my goal breasts realistic and attainable?

I'm having my 6 year old subglandular implants removed with a lift and wanted to know if my goal breasts are a realistic expectation? Could mine look like that or similar? I don't want my areolas reduced, I know they will shrink after I finish breastfeeding before surgery. Are breasts reshaped internally as well with a lift? My right breast is engorged in the photo but usually same as the left. Thank you

July 24th, 2018 Australia

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     Gavin Sandercoe

    Gavin Sandercoe

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    HiI've performed close to 100 explant surgeries now, and the most important lesson that I can pass on is to not have expectations. Your breasts and the skin will contract. The amount that they will contract is very variable. Performing a lift at the same time as an explant (especially in sub glandular implants) makes your final result very variable, and I've had to 'fix' a handful of patients that have had a combined procedure with poor results.
    Good luckDr Gavin Sandercoe