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I’m a healthy 39 years old asian and residing in Melbourne. I have a AA cup and wanted to ask for advice. I’m wondering the optimal age to do breast augmentation and whether it’s too late for me at this age. I’m 39 but fortunately I look like less than 30 and nobody can guess my age correctly. Please advice the suitable implants. The most thing that I concern about is the future of post surgery such as complication after years.Im keen to do it but this issue worries me a lot.

Ming August 31st, 2018 VIC

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    Dr. Shagun Aggarwal

    Shagun Aggarwal

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    Plastic Surgeon
    New South Wales, Australia

    Thanks for your question Ming. There is no such thing as being too old for this sort of an operation and you will likely get a good result from breast augmentation as your skin quality is good. When there is little native breast to hide or provide shape to the underlying implant my suggestion would be an anatomical implant in a dual plane. However you must know the downsides of implants - they are foreign objects and therefore have a life span, can rupture/rotate/ripple. There is a possibility of complications as with any operation. Discuss with the surgeon you choose to see, and they will go through the pros and cons before you make an informed decision. Best wishes.